We Offer farming techniques, collect farmer's produces and deliver to restaurants.

It's very tough process for farmers to take their produce to market and get the right value. Similarly restaurants depend highly on AMCs and agents.

"Our mission here at Magikfarm is to design a solution for better farming models, aggregation of farming produces and efficient supply chain logistics."

Saurabh Yadav - CEO

Fresh and hygienic products

Each product is tested for quality and hygiene multiple times to ensure the best quality.

Direct from farm

We only source our products from farms. All products are collected from farms after we receive orders.

Free & Fast Delivery

With Magikfarm, Orders are sourced, processed and delivered within 12 hours of placing with best quality.


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Poultry Products

Every chicken is handpicked from farm and reaches our processing center. Then sent to fullfilment center to check and deliver to restaurants.

  • Handpicked Products
  • Multiple Quality Checks

Discounts upto 50%


Dairy Products

We only collect dairy products after receiving your orders. It is collected inspected, packed, inspected then delivered fresh and hygienic to you.

  • Handpicked Products
  • Multiple Quality Checks

Discounts upto 50%


Fruits & Vegetables

All our farmers are encouraged to use less fertilizers and focus more on technology and innovation to increase productivity.

  • Handpicked Products
  • Multiple Quality Checks

Launching Soon

Magikfarm Advantage

1How Can Magikfarm Help You?
At Magikfarm, customer satisfaction is the top most priority. With Magikfarm, Restaurants get fresh and hygienic product in few clicks at the best price, our farmers also gets best price for their produces.
Magikfarm partners with agriculture researchers and universities to develop and deploy a best farming model to our farmers.
We value your time and money thus provide you the best service that you won't require any help. However our helplines are answered only in case you need any help.

Solution for farmers

Magikfarm provides the most innovative and customized solutions to farmers. Fill this form or contact us directly. We provide the best price compared to market.

Solution for business owners

If you run a restaurant, kitchen or catering business, you're at the right place. Fill this form or call us directly. We deliver fresh and hygienic product at best price.

  • 1
    High quality is on top of our list when it comes to the way we deliver the services
  • 2
    Maximum impact is what we look for in our actions
  • 3
    Quality standards are important but meant to be exceeded
  • 4
    We're always looking for industry leaders to help them win their market position
  • 5
    Evaluation is a key aspect of this business and important
  • 6
    Ethic procedures are alwasy at the base of everything we do

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for both types of customers: Farmers and Business.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve their full potential and establish long term stability.

  • It's easy to get a quotation, just call our office anytime.
  • We'll get back to you with an initial estimate soon.
  • Get ready to see results in a very short time.
  • Ask for a quote and start improving your business.
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You are just a few steps away from a personalized offer. Just fill in the form and send it to us and we'll get right back with a call to help you decide what service package works.

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  • During the call we'll require some info about the company
  • Don't hesitate to email us for any questions or inquiries
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Our Core Team

We're only as strong and as knowledgeable as our team. So here are the men and women which help customers meet goals and grow companies


Saurabh Yadav

CEO & Co-Founder


Rahul K Jha

COO & Co-Founder


Yash Trivedi

Chief Strategist


Vivek Yadav

Marketing Head


Arjun S Chauhan

Accounting Head


We're Passionate About Delivering Freshest Products

Our goal is to provide the best price to farmers for their produces and deliver best quality products to business partners.

  • Everything we sell is fresh, hygienic & best quality.
  • You become an important partner of our company
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